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Glenn Johnson Endowed Professorship

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How to show your support

Cougar fans can pledge money toward the Glenn Johnson Professorship for every first down made by the WSU football team at home games this season. There's no better way to support the professorship! This is your chance to join other WSU fans as they make their Another Cougar First Down pledge!

If you pledge $2 for every Cougar first down made, and the Cougars reach 150 first downs at home games in 2013, your pledge at the end of the season will be $300. If you pledge $5 for every Cougar first down with 150 made, your end-of-season pledge will be $750. You can also make a pledge and cap it at a certain amount. The Cougars made 147 first downs in home games during the 2012 season.

Why ‘Another Cougar First Down’ is a cool idea!

After thirty years on campus, Glenn Johnson’s reach extends far beyond The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. As the stadium voice of the Cougars, Glenn’s trademark phrase “and that’s another Cougar first down” has been an important part of the Cougar experience. Now WSU fans can return the favor and help to leave a lasting legacy in Glenn’s honor.

The Murrow College at WSU is the first in the country to engage in a fundraising campaign that allows supporters to pledge money for each first down scored by their football team.

It’s the only way to show your support for Glenn Johnson and the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication in one quick pledge!

2012 Pregame Interview with Glenn Johnson



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